A few months ago, I came across this brilliant quote that describes life so beautifully; it compares the life of a human being with that of a photograph. The quote reads something like this:

“Life is like taking a photograph. You focus on the essential things, capture the best moments, washout the negatives and develop it into a beautiful picture. And what if you fail? It’s ok. Try another shot”

What a beautiful definition of life! As beautiful as this quote sounds, making your life beautiful or living a better life is not all that hard. And the best part is there are a million ways to make your life happier and more meaningful. In fact, there are so many aspects of life that can be improved everyday like:

  1. Taking good care of your body, health and mind.
  2. Making proper choices in life
  3. Tweaking your Habits to transform yourself into a better person

As I said, there are tons of ideas to live a better life. You may not master them all, but you can certainly practice them one by one to rediscover the beauty of life each and every day. Let’s get started with some of the most practical methods.

Enhancing your Health, Body and Mind

This is obvious. Life would mean nothing without a healthy body, mind and emotional well-being. Here are some natural ways to enhance your overall health and well-being.

  • Try some Weight Training to Control Weight Gain

You may have heard this a million times. But no one can deny facts. Exercise makes your life awesome. Fifteen to Twenty minutes of weight training exercises every day, first thing in the morning – see what difference it makes to your life. That doesn’t mean you will have to burn a hole in your pocket buying expensive workout equipment like dumbbells, home gym etc. All you need to do is simple pushups, squats and planks that help you wake up fresh and active every day and also reduce weight.

  • Let the Sun Shine on You

How often do we realize and relish the gift of sunlight. Mother Natures has showered tons of gifts on us of which sunlight definitely stands as one of the best. So get out of your home and get some sunlight. The magical mix of sunlight, air and some body movements can set the day for you. For sure, you will stay relaxed all day and also get good sleep during the night. It sets up your circadian rhythm to help you stay alert all through the day.

  • You Need to be a Good Sleeper Too

This is something that many people don’t pay attention to. There are tons of health issues associated with sleep deprivation like diabetes, obesity, cancer, cognitive decline and others. Besides physical health problems you may be prone to emotional health issues like anxiousness, mood swings and poor anger management, if you don’t sleep enough. The takeaway is simple. If you are aiming to live a better life, it is essential to take your sleep seriously. Rest and recovery are part and parcel of a happy living. Aim to sleep at least seven hours continuously every day. Try to sleep and wake at a fixed time every day. Beware of your electronics. Keep your mobile phones away at least 30 minutes before and after sleep. Believe me, these days, it is one of the toughest things to do and mobile phones have a history of causing sleep deprivation. 

  • Enrich the Magic of Meditation                      

A famous yogi was once asked what kind of gifts he liked for his birthday. He said he did not want gifts but presence. Such is the power of meditation. And guess what, you don’t need all day to practice meditation. Two minutes, that is all you need every day to make yourself relaxed, more focused and be happier. What is more important though is not to skip your meditation days. Consistency is the key to enjoy the positivity of meditation.  Mind your Body Language How many of you pay attention to the language your body speaks? Did you know that your body language can help you feel happier and be more confident? We often do not pay attention to simple things like smiling or standing upright. Only human beings can smile, no other animal can do that. So why don’t you embrace the gift of smiling by doing it often? Smiling often will not only keep you happy but make others happy too. A smiling villain is more likely to win hearts than a good-natured one that hesitates to stretch his lips. Just kidding! You do not want to be a villain though, you know what I mean. Likewise, standing upright helps you be more confident. Lean back to feel more relaxed. There are many ways to improve life with positive body language.

  • Try and Become Self-Employed

Yes, you heard it right! On a lighter note, a friend of mine who is a very successful entrepreneur, once said: ‘Only a joker works for another joker, in a 9-to-5 office job’. But hey, don’t take that seriously and don’t share it with any of our honest office-going mates. Give it a thought though. When you work for someone, you are at their mercy, their whims and fancies. You will have to abide to their bad management standards. All your hard work and smart work are often profited by the organization. On the other hand, if you are self-employed, you are in complete control of your life and earnings. True, we’ve all witnessed many small businesses fail many times in our lives. But remember, even the rewards of a failed venture is completely worth the risk you take. If you are willing to assess and correct your mistakes, you will come back harder and stronger in your next venture. To top it all, self-employed people are known to manage work and life much better than office goers. Don’t forget that spending quality time with your family, especially kids, is even more important than building a great career or business. I am sure for most people it is family first and fortune next.

  • Socialize your Passion

It may be hard to follow and win your passion all alone, unless you are a born champion. But, why do you want to proceed with your passion all alone? Why not find people who are passionate on similar things? Put your hand out first and try to form a group or an organization that is passionate on common interests. Often, it’s the hesitation to reach out that may keep you and your passion mates away. Call out loud and organize a group that is ready to show more character and personality. You will be surprised how much life and character it adds to your passion. You must take the first step though and very soon you will see how crazily your organization mates have moved forward. Standing together as a group, does wonders to your passion, something you would not have achieved alone. Seeing your mates grow is so much rewarding and satisfying. Even a failure will educate you on the crucial points of being an organizer.

Making the Right Choices in Life

The journey of your life can be a crazy ride or a beautiful trip based on the decisions you make. Some of the ideas listed below can help you see the world as beautiful as it is. After all, we are surrounded by love, kindness and opportunities. We just have to see them.

  • Past is past

As Zadie Smith, a popular essayist and novelist puts it, “The Past is always tense, the future is perfect”. There is no point in being stuck in the past or reliving your miseries or sorrows, if any. What’s more important is to secure your future. Try to learn from the past and lay a foundation for the days to come. Remember, your best days are yet to come. So leave the past behind and start marching forward stronger and more confident. We all know that there is light and happiness at the end of the tunnel.

  • Be Calm and Treat Every Problem to its Merit

Many people take things too personally. It is crucial not to overthink when something bad or abnormal happens. For example, when your friends leave you or behave abnormally or show mean attitude, it is important to understand that they also go through tough times. Or, sometimes you may be misunderstood or misconceived. Being calm all the time helps tackle such issues more professionally. Be kind to yourself. It is ok to fail or make mistakes occasionally. There is no successful person who hasn’t failed once in his life. What is more important is to come out strong and not repeat your past mistakes. The world wants to hear your success story; not how many times you’ve tried before becoming successful. So never be shy of trying. However, you must not forget that hard work has no substitution. Do not expect to be successful if you are not willing to put your head down and work hard and that reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “You cannot expect to climb a ladder with your hands inside your pockets”.

  • Sometimes, choosing little may be the best way to get more

Adopting habits like these can help you tackle anything in life. Life can be easier, simpler, happier and more peaceful if you expect very little from it. I am not trying to sound spiritual here. But we are often recommended to talk less and listen more, eat less and simple foods, dress in a simple way and live a simple life overall. Focus on the most essential things and reduce your to-do list to make yourself happier. Avoid negativity and avoid people who spread negativity. As you can see now, having positivity around you is not difficult. You can create it rather than expecting it to happen.

  • Be happy with what you have in life

It is a well-known theory that great things happen to people that are grateful in life. So be grateful for what you have. Focus on people you love and the opportunities that exist around you. Learn to love the place you are destined to live in, the people you are destined to live with, the friends you live with and so on. You are more likely to live a satisfied life by appreciating what life has showered on you.

  • Stop Worrying Too Much About the Future

My father often told me, you must do your best and the future will take care of itself. How true was that? Very true indeed. You cannot control the future. But you can certainly lay the foundation by giving your best today. At the same time, you must not forget to enjoy the present moment which is more realistic and happening. Believe it or not, there are many people who ruin their lives, thanks to their fear of what might happen in the future. Never try to predict or outsmart the future. You will fail for sure unless you get lucky. But that is not how life is meant to be. The very beauty of life is not knowing what will happen in the next second. The surprises that are in store for tomorrow is what makes life so beautiful. So do not complicate your life. Enjoy your life to the fullest today.

  • You are a Champion by yourself and you Don’t Need People to Tell you That  

A helping hand or a warm company from someone feels good. No doubt. But you are essentially good enough to tackle your own stuff. If you feel a void within you, you need to fill it up by yourself. Do not expect someone to come and do it for you. Firstly it is crucial to start loving yourself, accepting and appreciating yourself before taking on life. It is after this point where you start sharing your life with a loved one. After all, you would want to show them what a great and warm person you are. And for that, you need to love yourself.

  • Come out of your Comfort Zone Every Now and Then

Taking risks and trying to be more adventurous once in a while may be good for you. Think of a bird in this case. What if it chooses to stay at its nest all the time? A bird is a bird only when it flies around the world, chirping its secret songs and making people happy. Likewise, come out of your comfort zone. Try to do things that make you and others happy. And the feeling you get when people come out to thank you – it feels awesome.

  • Stay Kind and Spread Kindness

What is kindness according to you? Here’s an outstanding definition I came across. “Kindness is simply doing ordinary things with extraordinary love. Be polite, have a smile all the time and try to help people on the way in the journey of life. You never know when or how soon it pays you back. Trust me, your good deeds always come back. In life, you may have come across many different people that have lost their loved ones, have had frustrating breakups, lost their jobs or failed miserably in different aspects of life. Try to pat their backs, give them solace and give them more confidence and comfort. Believe it or not, there is nothing more satisfying than watching them rise, repair and rediscover themselves and starting a new life. You may have heard your teachers say this: Giving is the ultimate happiness.

Tweaking your Habits to Transform into a Great Person

You are already an awesome person. I know that. You don’t necessarily have to be someone with bad habits to follow the recommendation listed below. It is just minor tweaks that can turn you from a good person to a great person. With that in mind, here are some minor tweaks you can follow if you like.

  1. Saying ‘No’ is your Right, Know that

It’s nice to be soft and sweet, but not all the time. Sometimes, a simple and polite ‘No’ can take you a long way in life. Saying ‘No’ isn’t a sin. If your thoughts tell you something isn’t a 100% right, then it’s got to be a ‘no’. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you or control your life. You certainly deserve to live your life the way you want to. You are your own boss. So next time your friend invites you for a movie when you are busy with your all-important office work, there’s nothing wrong – say ‘No’.

  1. Building a Great Life is Always Superior to Building a Fortune for yourself

I don’t want to sound like an angel here. Money is very important in life. Money can get you most of the things you want in life. But the sad truth is, in order to enjoy the fortune you have built, you need to have a good life. And that, unfortunately, money cannot get you. There is a point when you need to make money. And then there is a point where you say ‘enough’. You need to figure those two points yourself. The fortune you have built must help you accomplish the most important things you want in life. For instance, if you wish to travel the world at some point in your life, your fortune must help you do that. If not, there is no point in making money. Spend your excess money on things that are more memorable and that will last longer in your life. Avoid spending on things that are frivolous.

  1. Do not be Shy of Questioning Anything

The knowledge we have today was created by men and women many, many years ago. So, any idea that is not worth holding, do not fear to question it. Your belief about your existence, God, the world around you, success and reality must be theories that you approve and like to follow. Do not follow ideas just because people around you say so. Often, you may realize that the majority of so-called facts are simply perceptions. Individuals that have dared to question the society have changed the world. So question every idea that you don’t believe in to empower yourself and also bring in more reality to the world.

  1. How about Some Mind Cleaning

Have you taken a shower today? Done with your house cleaning? Very good. How about some mind cleaning? No. Don’t take it personally. I meant it in a good way. The old saying ‘Your Thoughts become Things’ holds good here. Here’s another one: “Garbage in Garbage out”. Avoid dumping your mind with negative news, hate music, grotesque and violent movies and all other pessimistic stuff. These things may influence your habits and behavior even without you realizing it. There are tons of great music, movies and TV shows out there that will make you happy and positive and help you live a fulfilling life. The type of content you watch, read or listen every day has a massive impact on your habits. Spend 20 minutes daily trying to gather new information via reading, listening or watching. Remember what I said earlier in this post? You are what you choose to be.

  1. The Mind Game
  • Have a chat with yourself:

You may be surprised to hear this out. Did you know that you can bring a significant amount of positivity into your mind by simply self-talking? Keep telling yourself that you are a champion, a smart, very capable and a very powerful person. No, you are not cheating yourself. It is what it is. You are really an awesome person as I have mentioned several times in this post. As a rule of the thumb, you must stop complaining and start identifying the great things around you, the great things Mother Nature has given you. And that you can achieve by talking to yourself and cultivating your mind all the time. So speak to yourself just like the way you would to a very respectable friend.

  • Forget your age:

I love this funny quote that says ‘Age is of little importance unless you are a cheese’. You are still young to do what you want. So never fret or consider your age as a factor.

  • Your Destiny is not as Powerful as you think

Yes, you are powerful enough to change your destiny if you have the right mindset. So stop playing the victim or blaming destiny. You own your life, you own your problems, you own your success and therefore you own your destiny.

  • Start Appreciating even the smallest things you have Accomplished

Aimed to lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks? Lost only 5? No problem. You are in the right direction, a little further and you will reach your destination. You must appreciate even the smallest of developments. Sometimes, it is these baby steps that will help you reach your goal.

  • You deserve a treat

Even Jack, the animated character, becomes dull when it is all work and no play. We are human beings after all. Treat yourself once in a while. Go to the spa, go for a lunch or a movie with a loved one. Do things that you always wanted to – like producing your dream short film. Being the hard worker you are, you deserve some fun.

  • A Role Model, a mentor or a coach can Change your Life

We’ve all had a role model in our lives. We’ve all followed them. The only problem is we’ve forgotten them as time pass by. No worries. Find your role model today and start following him/her and the best things you like about them. Following a role model can help you stay committed in life. If you are one of those lucky ones, that enjoy your passion as your profession, awesome! Now try having a coach or a mentor to perform better with what you are already good at. An expert by your side, guiding you all the time, may step up your game. That’s it folks! Now tell me, isn’t life similar to a Photo Shoot As I said in the beginning of this post, there are a million ways to live a better life. And, life is definitely like a photograph. No matter how brilliant your shots are, you can still improve your work to make it better. Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Please share your life experiences and how you intend to live a better life. Together, we can rock the world.


The author of this post, Sanjay Bojan, is a blogger and researcher who contributes on various online platforms. For writing work and brand promotions, you can contact him at [email protected]

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