No one can escape the three W’s of aging – Wrinkles, Wisdom, and Wiseness.

Years may have wrinkled their face, wrinkled their skin, but it hasn’t wrinkled
their soul and mind, it has given you wisdom and wiseness instead

I’ve come across many people who think that our fathers and grandfathers are old,
outdated, uninformed and not aware of the developing world around them. They do
not know technology, modern lifestyles and relationship concepts. They are not as
well connected as we are. They do not have the Internet or the mobile apps doing
everything for them. They do not understand what modern-day love and relationship
is all about.

And the list goes on and on and on.

But think again. Ask yourself these few questions. Are we as happy in life as our
grandfathers were? Are we as healthy as our granddads used to be? Are we living a
fulfilling life today? And to top it all: Are we really living for ourselves today?

Facebook, the Tik Tok and Instagram has taken over our lives. They have made us so
self-conscious and forget the core purpose and value of life.

Today, they famously call it FOMO – Fear of missing out.

But what do you fear of missing out? Why should you live a life that needs to be
approved or appreciated by someone else? Why should you post all the happenings
of your life on Instagram or Facebook?

There are several things we do but we don’t know why. The simple reason may be:
Because everyone does that.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a nostalgic or a time traveler. Nor am I a maximalist of
age-old traditions. I am not asking anyone to give up their smartphones or their
innovative lifestyles.

All I am saying is – a happy future must be a mix of modern lifestyles and innovations
integrated with some of our age-old traditions and core values of life.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best teachings and lessons
presented to us by our elders.

Priceless Lessons from our Elders

Not one, not two. There are tons of life lessons our elders have presented us with.
And guess what, they have touched upon every aspect, every face and every walk of

These lessons can be categorized into:

  1. Teachings on Healthy living
  2. Family and Relationship advice
  3. Financial Recommendations
  4. Positive Thinking and Having a Positive Mind
  5. Religion and Cultural Advice

Well, there are so many. Trust me, when you start following some of these lifestyle
lessons, you are sorted for life.

So let’s begin discussing them one by one.

Healthy Living

It all starts here, no doubt. Whether it is the 70s or the 80s or 2k, good health is the
best wealth you can ever have.

  • Fitness: As a writer I have spoken about this a million times. However, there
    is simply no escaping this. There is no life without good health. You must be fit,
    eat well and sleep enough to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Exercise every day to
    enhance the overall well-being of your body and mind and also to enjoy a feeling
    of accomplishment.

Some sunshine on you, some exercise, eating right, sleeping right and meditation:
these are the five mantras of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Dental Health: If you think that taking care of your teeth is something you
    should focus on only during your mid-60s, you are wrong.  You must take
    good care of your teeth as a kid, as a teen and throughout your life. Otherwise,
    it may be too late and you may be restricted on what you can eat and what you
    can do, during your old days. Lessons learned from people with real experiences!

  • Work-life Balance: Many people believe that young age is the best age to work
    hard and give It your everything. True, it is when you are young, energetic and
    full of enthusiasm that you would want to work hard. But that does not mean you
    work like a robot, forgetting to enjoy and embrace life. Young age is also the best
    time to live life to the fullest. No matter how young or old you are, it is best to
    maintain a work-life balance.

  • Spending Quality Time with Family: This again, falls in the work-life-balance
    category. But then, it is very important too. You would want to spend quality
    time with your kids before they grow up to be teens and spend time with your
    teen children before they grow up to be adults. Just think of it. Your baby wouldn’t
    be a baby again. You do not want to miss that infancy stage of your child.

The same goes with your life partner and family too. You would want to enjoy your
time with them at every stage of their lives.

  • Choosing a Job that you may Love to do than choosing one with Better
    This is obvious. Choose a profession that you love doing. You would want
    to get up every morning wanting to take up the day’s job and the day’s challenge.
    What you don’t want is a high paying job that you hate doing.

  • Stretch those lovely lips of yours and make others do it too: Smiling is one
    of the greatest gifts Human Beings have. The problem is they just don’t unwrap it.
    How many times have you smiled at a fellow person and left without getting the
    favor in return? Believe me, smiling not only makes you happy but an attractive
    person too. And what’s more, it makes others happy too.

Somehow our grand dads and grand moms had more time and more reason to laugh.
They had more time to take care of their health, focus on the food they eat and enjoy
a restful sleep.

Today, we stare more at computer screens and mobile phone displays than human
beings. There will be a time in future when we start communicating with robots and
computers more than we do with human beings. Let’s try and fix ourselves before

Family and Relationship

  • One of the first and foremost things you must know about choosing a life
    partner is: not to choose anyone because of their sexual or physical attraction.
    If your partner is good-looking that’s great. But you would rather want to settle
    down with someone who is honest, trustworthy, intelligent, thoughtful,
    loveable, kind-hearted and rational
    . These are the most essential and
    long-lasting qualities of life.

  • Even if all the above boxes are ticked, you still may not be made for each other.
    Your relationship may not last for a lifetime. Sorry for being negative but that’s
    the sad part of life. No partnership is guaranteed to last forever unless all the
    great qualities mentioned above are mutually shared between the two. The
    important lesson here is to work on a long and healthy relationship that is more
    giving and more forgiving and less expecting.

  • If you’ve been unfortunate to end up choosing a wrong partner, do not waste
    time trying to fix things all your life. You may be better off finding someone else
    who is more of your kind. These decisions cannot be taken instantly though.
    You must communicate with each other, give enough time for each other to fix
    small issues and then if things don’t work, it may be time to part ways.

  • If you are a parent, you must listen to this advice. Try and discover the talent
    in your kid
    . Try and find out what they are passionate about. Never force them
    to do what they may not be good at. They need not pursue a career that has big
    monetary benefits or something that is more in trend. They are better off
    creating a career that best fulfills their dreams.

  • How do you handle breakups? Breakups are heart breaking, no doubt. I have
    experienced them too. And so have many of our elders.

When you are a teen, it is the toughest time to handle relationships and breakups.
But remember, relationships are not the beginning or the end of lives. You can
always find another one and more importantly a better one. Therefore, never stress
out. It is important to come out of the shell as quickly as you can, if you’ve
experienced a breakup. Sometimes, breakups may be good. He or she who broke up
may not deserve you. And you may end up finding someone who really loves and
cares for you.

Your kids may never be happy following the path set by you. Rather, you must be a
bridge to help them travel their dream destination.

  • Do not take Family Estrangement lightly. This is a crucial thing. Whether
    it is a rift between father and son or a brother-sister duel, it is important to sit
    down and talk it out. The sooner, the better. It may be a mild fight or a major
    issue. You must be the first one to apologize and forgive. After all, it is your
    loved one. Not sorting it out quickly could lead to long-term hatred or permanent
    termination of relationships. You definitely don’t want that.

  • A lifetime of happy relationship is more achievable in case of people who are
    . Couples with common goals are more likely to live together
    longer and happier. Even though a couple may be attracted to each other
    romantically, what will keep them going is long-time friendship, love and

Today, with so many things to do in life, people are struggling to show love, win
hearts, cherish the golden moments with their kids and pets, help people all along
the way of life and find happiness. It is time to rewind, take a leaf out of our elder’s
lifestyles and jump backwards to find more love and joy. We must bring back those
days when our grand dads balanced life and work so perfectly, showed great love
and care for family and maintained a healthy relationship with everyone.

Financial Advice

  1. One of the first things to learn right from your tender age is not to fall into
    debt. You may be too young to realize this but debt can be a killer of your
    dreams, your freedom, your respect, and many other things in life. If you are
    someone who has already fallen into debt, now is the time to kill it before it
    kills you

  • When do you define yourself as ‘an old man’? That’s a tricky question. But
    remember you may suddenly become old one day even before you realize it.
    Saving for your ‘old days’ is as important as saving for emergency. The day
    you call it quits, you must be able to live a life that is as pleasant as the days
    when you were active. So start planning for your retirement right from a very
    young age.

  • One of the best things to know about money is: it cannot buy happiness but it
    can certainly buy the experience that you will treasure forever. It all depends
    on how intelligently you use it.

  • I know life is not all about working and saving. You need some fun as well.
    However, try and spend on fun things that will last in your memories longer.
    Maybe a dream travel destination. Photographing your dream vacation and
    putting them into your album collection may give you a lifetime of happiness.
    Some people are more interested in spending on shoes, luxury watches and
    things like that. But think again. These things are frivolous and don’t last in
    your lives or memories forever.

  • Being ambitious is great, but not to the level that you are not content with
    what you are blessed with. Try and aim for things within your financial strength
    and budget. The moment you start checking what others have and you don’t,
    you might be entering into a danger zone. So it should be like comparing my
    financial wellbeing yesteryear Vs my financial strength today.
    Not comparing
    my financial capabilities Vs that of A, B or C’s financial strength.

  • Having lived through the days of the Great Depression, the older generation
    is well equipped to tackle economic crisis and budget constraints. So whenever
    you are in doubt or in a financial challenge, there is no harm in seeking help
    from your dads and granddads. Trust me, it’s not even hard. They would be
    happy to help you. Not only that, you will get all the assistance you need with
    tons of love and a smile.

  • Everyone must travel and explore the world around them at least a few times
    in their lives. Start saving as early as possible to see the world around. If you
    are a teen or a young man, start saving money today so that you can visit every
    corner of the world and find out what life is all about. If you are a middle-aged
    man, you may want to save for your retirement so that you can travel the world
    with peace of mind. Whatever your age may be, travelling must be an essential
    part of your life.

Life is not getting any easier. Finding jobs is getting tougher by the day. Making money
has never been so challenging. The best way to safeguard your life is to save for the
future and any probable crisis. We wouldn’t have been here with a great life today if
our elders did not care to save money for us. So start saving money today and tell all
your friends to do so.

Positive Mind and Positive Thinking

  • Not everything in life is straightforward. In other words, not everything in life
    is black or white. There are the in-betweens – that are grey. And things do
    change very quickly. So you must have a positive frame of mind and be ready
    for all changes you come across in life. Quick adoption to the changes around
    you is the hallmark of a champion.

  • Say no to things that your mind and heart does not approve. Sometimes learning
    to say a ‘hard no’ can be a hundred times better than saying a ‘painful yes’.
    Think of it. There may be several instances in life where a simple ‘no’ could
    have saved you lots of time, money and pain. Learning to say ‘no’ can prevent
    you from falling into other people’s trap, whims and fancies. It works all the
    time. So next time never say ‘yes’ to anything that you are doubtful about.

  • Never be shy of doing new and risky things that you haven’t done before like
    starting a new business or a fun activity. You never know what can change your
    life.  A simple discovery can make you great.

  • It may not be a bad idea to take advice. Of course, not from everybody. But
    sometimes, a great idea may change your life. Have an open mind and listen
    to people. But in the end, you must be the captain of your soul. The final
    decisions of your life must always be yours.

  • Discipline is such a vast thing. You must be disciplined about everything you
    do. It may be your general behavior, your spending habits, your driving style,
    your smoking or drinking habits and many other things. The earlier you adopt
    the idea of being disciplined, the better it is for your life.

  • You are who you surround yourself with. When you have good people with
    great attitude and intentions around you, you will certainly turn out to be a
    great citizen. So avoid negativity and avoid negative people even if they are
    your best pals. If you cannot change negative people, you are better off ditching
    them. As harsh as it sounds, negative people bring negative influences to your
    life. As the saying goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

  • Try having a pet when you feel lonely in life. And guess what? The love you get
    from your dog or a cat or whatever may be your beloved pet, is more real and
    unconditional. You will hardly find these qualities with human beings these days.

  • There is something no one can steal from you. It’s your art and skill. Learn a
    new art or a unique skill that will help you live a better life. You never know
    when they will become useful.

  • How do you face criticisms and rejections? Did you know that rejections can
    actually be treated as inspirations to push yourself to become a better person?
    Yes, rejections are actually opportunities in disguise. So never be afraid of
    rejections or criticism. You must rather work on them and become better in
    what you do.

The world is becoming so competitive. Well, that’s great news. On the flip side, it is
also causing too much pressure and stress on youngsters. From getting placed in the
best high schools and colleges to finding the best jobs with high-paying salaries,
people set high standards all the time. Again these things make them forget the real
purpose of a great life (happiness) as they run behind things that cause stress,
FOMO (fear of missing out) and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

As much as being ambitious, it is important to relax in life and find time for other
things that can make you happy and want to live life better.

Religion, Love and Cultural Advice

Can you think of anything that increases in quantity as you start giving and sharing?
Money? Food? Or any of the daily essential things you use in life?

Well, none of them. The only two things you can give without the fear of losing them
is love and education.  So do not be shy of showering people with love and care. I
promise you – you will get back all you have given and more.

Our elders have left behind some great advice on love, religion and culture.

  • You are entitled to believe in or follow whichever religion or God that makes
    you stronger. But remember to respect other people’s religion or belief as much
    as yours.

  • Do you know the difference between being happy and being satisfied? The
    former is temporary and the latter has more life. Think about it. You must
    crave for things that make you satisfied and nothing more.

  • Teach and preach the beauty of your religion, faith and God’s messages to
    everyone but only if they approve it. Never force anyone to come to terms
    with your religious beliefs. There is a fine line between preaching and pushing.

  •  Consider this idea. If you don’t like it, you can simply skip to the next point.
    Prayers and medications have so many things in common. The ultimate goal
    is to find your inner self, find the realities of life and discover peace. So try to
    incorporate the art of meditating into your prayers. This could make you
    stronger physically and mentally.

  • There is one thing common about all the religions in the world. All of it
    teaches you to love everyone around. Showing some love and consideration
    towards people of other religions, cultures and caste does no harm. It makes
    the world a better place to live in.

Most people in the past were more tolerant religiously and culturally. Today,
religious and cultural tolerance and acceptance are at its lowest. In many parts of
the world, people do not appreciate life beyond their religion caste and culture.
This is a sad thing because life is meant to be more beautiful and equally shared
with one and all. We can be the boss of our own soul but we are denied entry into
other people’s beliefs, philosophies, principles, customs and cultures and lifestyle
in general.

Our seniors rocked it during their lives     

So what do you think of all these life hacks provided by our great fathers?

One thing is certain. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post: – “Hidden
behind the wrinkles you see on your grandfather’s face and skin is his
wonderful sense of wisdom and wiseness

You may not have him around you forever, but his teachings will live forever and ever.

Which of the above life lessons do you think you must follow to achieve a great,
successful, satisfying and fulfilling life?

The author of this post, Sanjay Bojan, is a blogger and researcher
who contributes on various online platforms. For writing work and
brand promotions, you can contact him at [email protected]

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